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Fitness apparel for women by women

Comfortable. Affordable. Aesthetic.

Alruna provides fitness apparel that will make you feel confident, beautiful, and strong.

We're ensuring that all apparel items are made with a fabric and style that will benefit you both in and out of the gym. Get ready to wear it to brunch, shopping, everyday wear, and for relaxing!! 

#AlrunaFitnessApparel Community



Love how supportive it is in the tummy especially postpartum! It's so nice and comfortable! And to have a nice supportive top whilst breastfeeding is so great! Thanks again <3


Love your stuff so much! I need to buy more from you because I love the quality of the stuff so much! And it's incredible!


I purchased the purple long sleeve and I love it! so comfy! Thank you so much!!!


One of the comfiest, squat proof, pretty coloured gym sets you'll see! Your pricing for quality is bang on!! Looking forward to replacing some older gym gear and getting some more crop tops.


Absolutely IN LOVE with those colours, that grey is even better in person. Legit my fave tights to wear on leg day.


If you haven't already you must invest because this gear is on! Everyone knows how fussy I am when it comes to activewear but I'm a fangirl of this stuff

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